Didi Kasi | 1-29

1-29 September 2007
Duta Fine Arts Foundation
Jl Kemang Utara 55 A
T 799-0226

Didi Kasi was born in Malang, East Java, in 1963. He grew up in an artistic family, his grandfather was a glass painter working in the Javanese tradition. In 1985, Didi Kasi studied design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Yogyakarta (ISI). Since 1987, the young artist has participated in numerous exhibitions in Indonesia (mainly Jakarta and Yogyakarta) and in Singapore.

Didi Kasi’s art work reflects influences from traditional Indonesian art forms, such as glass painting and shadow puppetry (wayang). The figures in the painting are large scale in two-dimensional design. The white faces of the three figures, referred to as Three White Maidens, remind of the masks worn by Indonesian dancers, and their expressive gestures copy the dancers’ characteristic movements. The long robes cover up their gender. The large figure in the center is apparently a female malakai or angel. She has full round breasts and an elaborate hairstyle. She appears to be standing on a three-legged pedestal. The golden wings seem to raise her up. The half-moon in the upper left-hand corner indicates the night-time. The scene reminds of the Christian depictions of the Annunciation to the Shepherds. Of course, it could be the presentation of any vision or apparition scene. Maybe it is the discovery of femininity that shocks the three maidens into a frenzy. The artist uses both, oriental and occidental elements, in his own artistic language. Didi is presenting his unique idiosyncratic approach in a humorous manner. Drawing from his artistic training, he also created an intriguing play of shapes, colors and textures.