2 Agustus 2007
solo painting exhibition by Wayan Sudiarta

elcanna art gallery
jl. Pakubuwono VI No. 35
Kebayoran Baru,
t: 721-1101
f: 721-1121

from : Wayan Sudiarta was born in 1969.
He graduated from Art Department of FKIP UNUD, Singaraja, Bali in 1993.
Wayan Sudiarta is the grand son of a famous painter of Balinese traditional painting which lays ground of his comprehension of the east (Balinese) aesthetics.

He obtained a multicultural environment at the department of Art Education, IKIP Singaraja, Bali, where he graduated and become a lecturer, which he understands later as the west (modern) aesthetics.
His first journey out of the country had made an inner conflict of his soul and mind and had opened his view about his culture.
The very rich and colorful Balinese dance and music is translated into his work in different ways.

These east meet west aesthetics perform tense and restless creativity for him.
He tries to combine modern with traditional aesthetics.
Most of Wayan Sudiarta’s artworks are about Balinese traditional and warrior dance.
He is so faithful to present the Balinese dances because he feels he has not comprehended them completely.

Unlike most Indonesian modern artists who interpret components of tradition by doing distortion or abstraction, Wayan presents the ornaments of tradition completely as practiced in its original style and technique.
The creation as he presents is the creation of the dance. For example, he reinterprets the Kebyar Sabung dance by looking for the main source reference of the dance: cock fighting.
The representation of his painting is the movement and gesture of cocks fighting in the bodies of the dancers.

He is not a painter that freezes a scene of a dance, instead he is a choreographer that reinterprets classical tradition dances on his canvas. His painting contexts are interpretations of his subject matter.
Most important, in the works of Sudiarta, there is a hidden side of Bali, such as dances that are rarely performed, and some choreography, and art texts move on.