Camouflage | 2-30

2-30 Agustus 2007
pameran tunggal Galam Zulkifli

Gedung Bika
Kemang Raya 91
Jakarta Selatan
T 719-8080

from Galam Zulkifli was born in Sumbawa, January 14th 1971. He studied fine art at IKIP, Yogyakarta. His work had been selected as one of the best five in Indonesian Art Awards competition in 1998. Recently, his painting titled Teater Pembebasan (2003) was selected as one of the painting from Indonesia in ASEAN Art Award competition in 2004.

Galam's hobby in his childhood made him sure about his skill in fine art. Then he studied at IKIP to learn fine art. After four semester, he decided to quit from college and tried to learn by self-tought.

His paintings were mostly telling about reality in harmony of life. Galam found enjoyment in appreciating a social criticism. All of his paintings had the same value, there was no masterpiece neither the worst.

In 1995, Galam made his first exhibition at Tanjung Priok Jakarta, as his most historical moment. In 2000, Galam Zulkifli with his friends established Komunitas Gelaran Budaya. The community still exists for some gatherings and discussion about fine art.

For the last six years, Galam created period of his artworks. First period was machine (33 paintings), second period was bricks (33 paintings), free period, illusion period, and image period. In 2004, Galam wrote a novel entitled "Taman Seni Dari Dunia Imajiner" and "Lompatan Kata Rupa". Some awards are as follows: 5 Terbaik Indonesian Art Awards, 5 terbaik Indonesian Art Awards, and Finalis ASEAN Art Award)